The Call of The Sirens feat. Mitsu

To start things off... Man, what a crazy past two weeks it has been. My dearest friend, Mitsu recently got partnered on Twitch. For all of you who are not aware, Mitsu is a Borderlands 2 streamer who also, on ocassion, streams retro games. The past few months I've helped him with the load of work that is being a Twitch streamer and now a potential YouTuber. 


This week, Mitsu was invited to appear in The Call of The Sirens gaming podcast hosted by Asytra and Zillieness. In this episode, they discuss PAX East; the panels, the games, and Mitsu's insight on how to get started on Twitch, as well as how to get into the gaming industry.


You can listen the episode here or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.